Quality Saves Our Indonesian Farmers

Quality Saves Our Indonesian Farmers

Written April 4, 2022 by Jorryn Yapadi, Nanotechnology Scholarship Student 2021 - University of Waterloo, Canada. 


For South Sumatran farmers, the per capita yearly income dropped by 52.16% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that they are only surviving from just $104.54 USD per year.

This is just one small area in Indonesia – imagine the steeper decrease for areas that have been hit harder than South Sumatra – more population-dense areas like Jakarta and Western Java.

It is an arduous task for Indonesian farmers to sell their products. Because of the pandemic, they cannot transport their crops due to travel restrictions, and the supporting infrastructure is either inadequate in function or restricted by COVID. This prevents the regular, sustained revenue that is necessary for them to keep their already-minimalist lifestyle.

We felt compelled to do what we could to reach out and help these struggling families. This is what we did:

  1. We believe that they are talented and skilled, with a lot of hidden potential. We guided farmers in Java (Indonesia) to operate on an international level to expand their network.
  2. We believe that healthy living starts with your diet. We guided these farmers to grow a sustainable crop, with these specifications:
  3. NO sulphites
  4. NO processed vegetable oil

iii. NO added sugars

  1. NO preservatives
  2. NO artificial colours

 We are thrilled to involve our Indonesian farmers in our journey with our Greencious Munch as they, too, continue extending their outreach beyond local borders.



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