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My 204-week journey

It took me 204 weeks to come to the realization that I didn't suffer from imposter syndrome, a condition that had once cast doubt on my abilities despite my many achievements.

I had been at a crossroads, torn between my 20-year career in education and the idea of transitioning into the world of nutrition, a path that emerged as my husband embarked on a journey to liberate himself from his epileptic medication.

Caught between the fear of my husband experiencing a sudden seizure and the allure of delving into holistic nutrition, transforming my kitchen into a whole food pharmacy, I grappled with the decision to continue my educational calling.

In the midst of it all, I actively supported my husband in reimagining Tucan Holistic, expanding its reach to the world of retailers, expos, markets, and distributors, and continually redefined our company's purpose, aspiring to be remembered as a blessing to others.

It took me 204 weeks, but I finally realized that I could harmoniously blend my lifelong background as a Montessori school founder and educator with my newfound passion for holistic food products and nutrition.

I found a way to marry wellness with education, creating a unique and enriching orchestra of knowledge and purpose.

This realization led me to establish Tucan Holistic Education services under the Tucan Holistic flag.

My journey from doubt to purpose has been a profound one, and I'm excited to continue supporting wellness-minded individuals in their own quests for balance, knowledge, and well-being.

Every path is unique, and with dedication, we can harmonize our passions and create a brighter, healthier future.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey.




Emmy, who graduated with honours in Early Childhood Education from Seneca College, Toronto Montessori Institute, and the University of Ottawa, is the founder of Popay Montessori Preschool Indonesia (2005) and co-founder of Tucan Holistic Canada (2021). She has pursued further studies in various areas, such as dyslexia correction method, TEACCH autism program, PECS non-verbal communication system, brain gym® for Special Needs, and GAPS diets (natural treatment for autism, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, epilepsy, depression). 

In addition, she is a Certified Nutritionist Practitioner who achieved first honours from the Institute Holistic of Nutrition Canada. She is also an active member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP).

At Tucan Holistic, Emmy channels her positive energy, teaching expertise, and commitment to holistic wellness toward helping health-conscious individuals make informed dietary and lifestyle choices that focus on enhancing gut and brain health.