Why Did I Start Tucan?

I grew up in an olive oil-growing country and was diagnosed with a malformation of blood vessels in my brain in my mid-20s when I moved to Canada.
Since then, a few brain surgeries, endless CT scans, MRIs, visits to doctors’ offices, seizures, and pharmaceutical medications swamped my life.

I needed to be on pharmaceutical medication for an indefinite time until I found my now-wife, Emmy, a certified nutritionist who makes our kitchen into a whole-food “pharmacy”. This was when I realized that I had a new path and when my journey to be medication-free started.

I started Tucan in 2011, and my health journey left me with my mission to share what I’ve learned and experienced to help others through holistic foods with clean and honest ingredients.

As an act of gratitude for my second chance to live, I do 1% to advocate epilepsy.

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