Why Did I Start Tucan?

I grew up in a country known for olive oil production; however, my life took an unexpected turn when, in my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with a brain malformation after moving to Canada. This marked the beginning of a challenging journey that included multiple brain surgeries, countless CT scans, MRIs, doctor visits, seizures, and a reliance on pharmaceutical medications.

For a considerable time, I was required to depend on pharmaceutical medications indefinitely. Until a significant turning point arrived when I met Emmy, now my wife, a lifelong Montessori Educator and a certified Holistic Nutritionist. Emmy transformed our kitchen into a sanctuary of whole-food healing, awakening a realization that a new path was beckoning. This marked the initiation of my journey towards becoming medication-free.

In 2021, I reformulated Tucan, which I first started in 2011, with a newfound mission rooted in my personal experience. Through holistic foods featuring clean and sincere ingredients, I aimed to share my acquired wisdom and personal journey, offering assistance to others.

As of August 2023, I am on the verge of a significant milestone—just one month away from being completely medication-free. Throughout this voyage, the unwavering support, encouragement, and camaraderie I've encountered from customers, colleagues, and the community during trade expos, events, and markets have forged a cherished circle that extends beyond business transactions.

As of September 2023, I am officially medication-free. The journey has just begun, and I am determined to conquer the fear of sudden seizures. This transformation marks a personal triumph over the challenges I have faced for more than two decades.

In 2024, my wife and I embarked on learning regenerative farming and welcomed a regenerative farmer, Meng Karbach, who is also a Product Developer and a certified Chef, to the Tucan Holistic team, supporting local products and promoting sustainability

As an act of gratitude for my second chance at life, I contribute 1% of my net proceeds to advocate for epilepsy.

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