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Tucan Holistic

Holistic Regenerative Farming - SUMMER CAMP 2024 | Save 15% register before March 31


Saturday, March 30 | 10 AM to 12 PM

Saturday, April 20 | 10 AM to 12 PM

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A transformative vision took root on a sprawling 5-acre regenerative farm, where the expertise of Emmy Suparmin, a certified Montessori educator, and holistic nutritionist, seamlessly converged with Meng Karbach, a certified regenerative farmer and holistic product developer. Both share a profound passion for sustainable agriculture, making this vision a harmonious blend of educational prowess and hands-on farming

Together, we envisioned an extraordinary learning experience tailored for children aged 6 to 13 – the Holistic Regenerative Farming Summer Camp.

Here, education transcends traditional confines, weaving together the fabric of reading and writing with the threads of essential values like ecological responsibility, empowering the next generation to embrace sustainable choices.

Our summer camp offers a diverse array of enriching activities, including:

  1. Holistic Farming Practice
  2. Crafting Farm-to-Table Meals
  3. Holistic Nutrition Learning
  4. Engaging Journal Circles
  5. Immersive Nature Arts
  6. Outdoor STEM Exploration
  7. Nature Woodworking Adventures
  8. Greenpreneurial Practices

In addition to this comprehensive curriculum, campers have the unique opportunity to actively participate in farmers' markets, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

These market experiences not only reinforce their connection to the wider community but also allow them to apply the skills and values cultivated during their time at the camp.

The Holistic Regenerative Farming Summer Camp is not merely an educational venture; it is a transformative journey shaping conscientious individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Where Food 4 Life Market Garden | 215 Victoria Ave, Fenwick, ON L0S 1C0 

*Proud to be the first garlic and tomato farm in Canada, certified Regenerative Organic Certified™ through ECOCERT® CANADA 

When July 2 to 26 | Aug 5 to 23 | Monday to Friday | 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM | different weekly themes


Meng Karbach | Certified Regenerative Farmer | Certified Chef | Holistic Product Developer

Emmy Suparmin, M.ed | Certified Montessori Educator | Registered Holistic Nutritionist | Montessori School Founder 2005


CAD 385/week

SAVE 15% for registration until March 31, 2024, 00:00 | Limited Spot

Summer Camp Handbook, CLICK HERE 

Registration opens now CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

What is a Regenerative Farm?

A regenerative farm is a farm that prioritizes the restoration and enhancement of the health of the land and ecosystems it operates on without relying on harmful chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. 

Regenerative farming techniques involve methods such as using organic and natural fertilizers, rotating crops, planting cover crops, and promoting biodiversity through the integration of plants and animals. 

The goal is to create a harmonious and sustainable farming system that not only produces good food but also helps to restore and enhance the environment.

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