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Set Up A Holistic Preschool Program

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From Overwhelm to Empowerment: A Former Montessori Teacher’s Journey

Embarking on the journey of establishing my dream preschool was a mix of overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting moments. Starting my Montessori school in 2005, I dedicated three years to building a strong foundation. Crafting a unique curriculum, establishing robust administration, implementing cutting-edge marketing, and ensuring sound finances became the four crucial pillars of my education business.

During those years, as overhead expenses mounted, I faced the challenge of piecing everything together. Although I managed to recover and make the company profitable, I often wished for better guidance right from the beginning.

Questions like “How do I create a distinctive holistic curriculum?”, “What’s needed to launch a successful school?”, or “How much money do I need to start?” spurred me to become an expert in supporting wellness-oriented women as they embark on their journey of starting holistic preschools with confidence and creative passion.

Since 2005, I’ve been on this transformative journey, discovering that any woman can start her preschool on the right foot from day one.

Discover if my program is the right fit for unleashing your potential: “Setting Up Holistic Prechool Program”


About Me

Emmy Suparmin, M. Ed, NNCP

  • MACTE Montessori Educator 2.5 to 12 since 2005
  • Certified International Brain Gym Instructor
  • TEACCH® Autism Practitioner
  • Dyslexia Correction Practitioner
  • Yoga for Special Needs Practitioner
  • Registered Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Certified GAPS Nutritionist
  • Founder of Popay Montessori School 2005

    Setting Up Holistic Prechool Program Modules

  • Define Your Ideal School Parents
  • Do you attempt to serve everyone, or do you consistently encounter school parents who do not align with your school's mission?

    Schools that grapple with defining their ideal school parents face various challenges, including diverse parental expectations, resource allocation issues, communication problems, potential parental burnout, conflicting interests, ineffectual partnerships, difficulty in goal setting, limited community building, and the potential for conflicts.

    I will support you in defining your ideal school parents, which is essential for creating a cohesive and supportive educational environment and overcoming these challenges

  • School business Projection
  • Are you still struggling with cash flow after a few years of operation? 

    Business projection for a school is not the same as for other business models. We need to determine the percentage we should allocate for the most significant expenses, which are related to human resources (teachers and staff). We must devise a strategy for the wise distribution of funds among variable and fixed expenses to ensure the school's sustainability.

    I will support you in determining the school fee, the appropriate number of students and classes to have, as well as in allocating the budget for payroll, rent, and other expenses to achieve a sustainable financial balance

  • Crafting Your Signature Program
  • I believe you don't want to be just another school on the block, delivering the same methods as other schools. You would like to establish a place where your passion, personality, and unique backgrounds converge to create something extraordinary. 

    You aspire to create more than a curriculum; it's a personalized journey that ignites young minds. We infuse our distinctive touch into every aspect, ensuring that each child's potential is realized in an environment filled with creativity, wonder, and community. 

    I will support you on this exceptional adventure where education transcends the ordinary.

  • Holistic Nutrition Integration
  • After applying numerous teaching modalities to support children who learn differently (not necessarily special needs or with disabilities), I discovered that holistic nutrition and lifestyle can significantly impact behavior challenges, enhance focus, and increase contentment, all without the rush need for early diagnosis. 

    I will assist you in initiating this integrated holistic approach into your curriculum.

  • School Branding
  • In this module, we'll explore branding—a pivotal concept that defines our identity and sets us apart in the competitive education landscape. 

    It attracts our ideal school parents who share our values, engages our community, and ensures consistent messaging. Effective branding is crucial for our school's reputation, growth, and long-term sustainability. 

    I will support how to swiftly create a school branding template and translate it into a marketing calendar.

  • Classroom Management Observation
  • The classroom observation component offers opportunities for improvement in your classroom setup and class management. 

    I will provide valuable tips and resources based on my observations. My extensive experience and expertise will greatly benefit you in this program.


    This is for you if

    • You have a passion for education but are stuck on getting it off the ground.
    • You struggle with sustainable projections for your school business.
    • You desire a program that reflects your essence to the world.
    • You aspire to integrate holistic nutrition into your curriculum to enhance effective learning.
    • You have a distaste for salesy marketing tactics and are interested in exploring more engaging approaches.



    1. How will the program be delivered?

    Via Google Classroom, incorporating audio and video recordings along with action tasks.

    2. What is the duration of the entire course?

    The program includes 10 modules spread over 12 weeks. Weekly, the corresponding module will be accessible on Google Classroom. Furthermore, a Zoom link will grant access to schedule coaching calls for addressing queries and discussions.

    Beyond the content itself, the program highly benefits from my substantial experience and expertise in preschool education. The coaching calls offer a unique opportunity for a “pick-up my brain” session, tapping into my insights for a deeper grasp of the subject matter. They’re tailored to provide personalized guidance and clarification on any areas requiring further assistance.

    3. How do I get support?

    During each module, you will have one individual coaching call. Additionally, ongoing support will be available whenever needed.

    4. Where are you based?

    Believe it or not, it’s also the most frequently asked question. 

    I am located in Ontario, Canada, living in the Niagara Falls region with my husband.

    Both of my Montessori-educated children are currently attending university. My husband and I share a passion for the outdoors; we enjoy mountain biking, backcountry camping, paddle-boarding, bike-packing, and tending to our backyard garden for leisure activities



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