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Tucan Holistic

Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup 250 ml glass bottle

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Caramel Taste

Sweet and have smoky flavour

Glutten Free

There's no wheat added in this product


There's no animal product added in this product

Naturally low glycemic index

The low glycemic index (GI) foods minimize spikes in our blood sugar and insulin levels

Hand-picked coconut flower

to prevent harming the tree, and to preserve the aroma

No plastics storage

is used during the process

No preservatives

0% preservative in this product

Certified Organic

by Ecocert Canada

Ingredients Organic Coconut blossom Syrup and nothing else  

Origin Java island, Indonesia

Shelf life Two years (BB: 26 JL 26 - Lot #PGS260224C)

Packaging Glass bottle 250 ml

Process of Production with

  1. Harvesting the coconut
  2. Preparing the container for the coconut sap*.
  3. Coconut sap is a product of the coconut flower
  4. Heating the coconut sap until thick
  5. Filtering the coconut sugar
  6. Sterilizing the bottle for coconut sugar
  7. Transferring the fresh natural sweetener into the bottle
  8. Labelling and packaging of the coconut syrup
  9. pH 7 to 8 (alkaline)

Glycemic Index (The rate of the particular increase in the blood sugar level)

Coconut Blossom Maple Syrup  Refined white sugar
35 54 80

Coconut Blossom VS Coconut Nectar

Coconut Blossom 100% pure coconut flower sap
Coconut Nectar Melted from coconut sugar



Suggested Use



Salad Dressing




Customer Reviews

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Clarisse Bevelander
Coconut blossom syrup

I love this low, glycemic, caramel tasting syrup, which is light and smooth! A delicious addition, too many treats, as a sweetener for hot drinks, or 1 million other uses!

High quality Coconut Blossom syrup

Know this product from Vegan holiday market in Toronto. It tastes natural, healthy.